ENUESQUE | Personalise Makeup Brushes

About Us

We exist to celebrate you, by offering an exclusive touch to your beauty tools. To elevate your beauty artistry standard from product-buying to being augmented around the experience of considered design and personalised service.

Simply put, ENUESQUE was created to ensure you can focus on the parts of makeup and beauty you love.

It's your beauty moment

Our journey to beauty

Our journey to finding the right makeup tools that can truly unleash your beauty obsession and creativity, while help achieve seamless results, didn’t happen overnight. After countless testing and sample production – our ENUESQUE Collections was created.

Our brushes are cruelty-free with the softest, most gentle vegan bristles and thoughtfully crafted. Each individual ENUESQUE brush is handcrafted with the utmost precision and care by our expert artisan.

Bespoke Personalisation

Make it yours campaign was launched when we realised people’s makeup brushes were as personal as their foundation. We wanted every brush on a vanity, in makeup bags and kits, to be a little more special with an added personal touch. 

We want you to be apart of our products as much as we are apart of your daily beauty routine.

Piercing the mundane

ENUESQUE was founded with a strong advocate on the fact that there isn’t one standard to beauty and empowerment happens when we praise individuality and instil confidence-building measures.

Beauty is piercing the mundane to find the marvellous within ourselves and being what we want to be.

What we stand for

At ENUESQUE, we inspire confidence and empower change in all we do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women. Why fit in when you were born to stand out? We’re not your average beauty brand. We praise individuality; you do you, be proud. Push boundaries and make an impact.

Our Essence

At our core, ENUESQUE operates base on 6 founding principles and are expressed throughout our operations and products. Cruelty-Free, Integrity, Ethical, Respect, Service and Stewardship.

Our Vibe

We are optimistic, smart, curious and passionate; always seeking out the full potential. At ENUESQUE, we dream big ideas and then do it – together – every day reinventing what’s possible.

Our Promise

To bring inspiration and innovation. To build a unification through beauty. To inspire moments of optimism and uplift self-confidence. To create value and make a difference.