Makeup Artistry Meets Personalisation

Makeup Artistry Meets Personalisation

Brushes designed with you in mind.

Complete Brush Set Shop our best-selling complete makeup brush sets

ENUESQUE Makeup Brushes

Peach Sorbet 15-Piece Complete Brush Set


Crème de Mint 15-Piece Complete Brush Set


Midnight Aurora 15-Piece Complete Brush Set


Lavender Fields 15-Piece Complete Brush Set


Eye Brush Set Shop our best-selling eye brush sets

Glow Keeper Makeup Brush Set

Opulence 7-Piece Eye Candy Brush Set


Lustrous Rosé 6-Piece All Eyes On Me Brush Set


Luminesce Rouge 9-Piece Eye Dare You Brush Set


ENUESQUE exists to celebrate you

We're here to elevate your beauty artistry standard from product-buying to being augmented around the experience of considered design and personalised service so you can focus on the parts of makeup and beauty you love.

Makeup Sponge

Our oversized makeup sponge, redefining flawless application like never before! Say goodbye to tedious blending and hello to effortless perfection.


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Removes makeup residue, dirt, and oil

Our Feel Brand New supports the integrity of your sponge blenders and brushes while thoroughly removing product residue, dirt, oil, and germs for clean makeup application.