Thanks for spreading the word!

At ENUESQUE, we are on a mission to build a unification through beauty and creating an impact by empowering women around the globe, one brush at a time.

The awesome writers, publications and fans who spread the word are incredible partners in our impact. As a young, bootstrapped social enterprise we are incredibly grateful to everyone who helps us share our story and our awesome products!

The scoop!

First up: Personalisation! We’re adding a touch of vanity bliss with the most ridiculously ultra soft, stylish and ability to "make it yours" designs, “beauty concierge” service and handcrafted craftsmanship makeup brushes. Basically, everything you need to achieve a flawless application and spark some creativity! 

Next up: Giving Back – Beauty is more than having a pretty face. ENUESQUE has established Makeup The Future Program to help fund education equality for children worldwide. The program was established with a strong belief that beauty begins in the heart and the mind and giving the opportunity to make quality education accessible to all.

Quick run down.

HERE'S THE BASICS: Ridiculously Soft Bristles • Flawless Application Finish • Chic Curated Design • Vibrant and Stylish • Personalisation • Make it Yours • 100% Handcrafted • Expert Craftsmanship • Women Empowerment • Giving Back • Stewardship • Vegan & Cruelty-Free • Premium Quality

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